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  • PSP / Marsden Matting

    PSP / Marsden Matting

    Katalog-Nr: RB-P4801, Produzent: RB Productions

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    60,00 pln

    Perforated Steel Planking (or Marsden Matting)

    Suitable for display bases.

    Perforated Steel Planking (or Marsden Matting) was extensively used by the United States in rapid building of landing strips / aircraft pens. These were used in all theatres of operations, not only in World War 2, but also in Korea and Vietnam. These are still in use in some parts of the world.

    When all “planks” are assembled, the PSP will cover a rectangular area approximately 70x140 mm. These can be arranged in a multitude of configurations – the possibilities are endless. The "planks" can be joined like the real thing.