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How to buy, and general rules of placing orders, postage and delivery methods.


    1. To finish the purchase, you should click the button „Order Now”
      We do not store the data of our customers. You will be asked to fill the customer data and postage address every time you place the order in our store. After clicking the button „ Send order” your order is sent to us.
    2. We contact the customer as soon as we receive the order. We will inform you about availability, possible waiting period, preferred method of payment and shipping. The payment will be executed after your order is ready for shipment.
    3. Minimum postage and packing cost is 8,00 PLN for domestic postage, and 18,00 PLN for foreign orders.
    4. If you don’t find the goods of your interest on our web site contact us via e-mail. We will try to find and offer you those goods.

    1. We do not ship the goods in netto prices ( excl. VAT ) outside EU.
    2. Inside EU we can ship the order as the internal export, your VAT Registration Number is required. That allows us to provide you with the VAT invoice.
    3. There is the possibility to ship the goods declared as „GIFT”, with minor custom value.
    4. We can offer discount prices for large orders, specially placed by modeling clubs and associations.

    1. As you probably know, we are present on most important modeling shows and events in Europe. If you order early enough, we can prepare your order to be picked up on our stand. We also offer special prices during the shows.
    2. You can find the information about the modeling shows on our web site.