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Rotol Spitfires Mk I & II

Nr katalogowy: 48-D001, Producent: 3D-Kits

  • High quality decals with full colour instructions for 5 schemes across 4 aircraft. Sufficient to complete up to two models.

  • Metal bladed Rotol propellers had a distinctive look and gave a useful performance advantage to the Spitfire. First used in relatively small numbers on the Mk I Spitfire they were the major propeller type used on the Mk II. This sheet provides you with a varied mixture of camouflage styles and units operating these types of Spitfires. The choices are:

    • Two different Spitfire Mk Is from 54 Sqn in March 1940.
    • A presentation Spitfire Mk II 'Armagh' from 19 Sqn, June 1941. This aircraft was paid for with donations raised by the Belfast Telegraph.
    • Two versions of Bill Dunn's 'XR-D' Spitfire MK II from the beginning and end of August 1941. The first in brown/green camouflage, the second in grey/green in which he became an ace.
  • Also included - as a bonus - is the cockpit door presentation marking for a Spitfire Mk II of the 65 (East India) Squadron.
  • 33,40 pln
  • 7,76 eur,
  • 8,56 usd

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Rotol Spitfires Mk I & II
Rotol Spitfires Mk I & II
  • Rotol Spitfires Mk I & II
  • Rotol Spitfires Mk I & II