We are a small company established in Poland, in the year 2000 by people with significant modelling experience worth sharing with other modellers. 

Our mission is to provide modellers worldwide with untypical solutions to common modelling problems. Our products are neither complicated nor expensive yet they make life easier and save plenty of time, without disturbing the "balance of the budget".

In no time did our products earn recognition among those who had an opportunity to try them out, as evident in the following quotations:

"These cables do indeed look very, very realistic. I very much impressed!! I've tried making cables myself from thin steel and copper wire, certainly better than the thread cable supplied in the kits, but not as good as the product you have come up with!"
Jonny Pedersen, What's on the Worktop? Denmark

"... they look fantastic!. The product looks extremely interesting." 
Mark Fergel, PCModeler, USA

"Where are these available from??? Very, very nice."  
Andrew Dextras, Missing Links, Canada

"The Karaya cables were an excellent enhancement. I have told everyone I know who builds armor models about them. Very, very easy to use and they look great!"
Mike Millette, USA.

"I think it is a 'Karaya..cking'! piece of kit and I am sure it will be a winner with the 'armour brigade' or even on aircraft and ship dioramas."
Graham Green, Hyperscale.

The review of our products appeared in:
   Internet magazines: Hyperscale, Missing Links, Internet Modeller, Track Link.
   Modelling monthly magazines

Our future development will be determined by simultaneous realisation of two major goals: 

1. Launching the production of new products in compliance with the company's mission. 

We are currently at the stage of improved recognition of the intricate technology of moulding in resin thus new sets of towing cables for armor and resin models can be expected on the market.
This year we would like to release our first short-run (injected plastic) model in 1/48 scale

2. Systematic development of retail of models and modelling accessories.

Our store will surely provide an excellent source of supply for modellers looking for products from Eastern Europe. Of course we do not forget about colleges from Poland and we offer them easy access to products of the most popular companies, for low prices. Our incoming goal is to bring to our market articles coming from diverse companies worldwide, unknown in our country so far.

Any information from you that could help in company's current enterprise will be appreciated. All wishes, suggestions, complaints or inquiries will be answered. Most importantly they will be answered instantly and exhaustively.

You can always use our:

E-mail:  karaya@karaya.pl               

Contact address:                  KARAYA II Ltd.
                                           LEGIONOW POLSKICH 16/54
                                           32-700 BOCHNIA


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