72-007  Fairey F.17 Campania  

Fairey Campania - two-seat patrol seaplane, was the second plane designed by Fairey Aviation & Co. in early 1917.
It was the first aircraft especialy designed for carrier use. The Fairey seaplane was named Campania after its intended mother-ship HMS “Campania” (ex-Cunard passenger liner, 20.000BRT). 
Total number of airplanes was 62 (50 Fairey, 12 Barclay, Curle & Co.) 
Fairey Campania gave good service on patrol duties both from various home stations and seaplane carriers. Some have been used from Archangel during home-war against Red Army.

Engine:   1. Type F.17: Rolls-Royce Eagle 250-345hp 
               2. Type F.22: Sunbeam Maori II 250hp

Armament: 1 x Lewis machine gun, under-fuselage bomb carrier for 2 x 65 lbs bombs.







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