Nakajima Type 11 Gekko (Irving) - 1/48 - Tamiya.

The Nakajima Gekko Type 11 (Irving) from Tamiya is a very nice kit indeed with many parts and quite a wealth of detail, especially in the cockpit, this area alone will keep the modeller busy/happy for a while whilst it is painted and assembled due to the many colours involved in the basic structure not to mention the more intricate detail. One of the best cockpits for a long while from Tamiya, not say that the others were not good!
This model was a pleasure to build, I had no problems during the construction, the fit of the parts was excellent and I think it makes a good representation of the full size.
I used AeroMaster acrylic paints for the main colours and Alclad II for the Aluminium base coat so that I could chip and wear away the camouflage colour during the weathering of the model.
The way the parts are broken down suggests very strongly that Tamiya will be doing more versions of this aircraft the main clue being the top decking to the fuselage which will allow the earlier 'stepped' version to be made.
Parts in the kit, extra to those required for the version in the box, include the 'solid' nose and the Airborne Interception radar aerials.

Modeller: Graham Green (England).


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